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~~~ Finmine ChangeLog ~~~

~~ March, 2014 ~~
+ Upgraded the Server! Finmine is now running better than ever, with little to no lag!
+ A password is no longer required to join the TeamSpeak. Join with Ts.Finmine.Com!
+ Expanded the AdminShop.
+ Added the Quake Minigame.
+ Expanded the main spawn and added a new portal room!
+ Added BloodMoon. Mobs are harder and drop more xp and items on a BloodMoon night!
+ Added the TreeAssist plugin. (Use "/TreeAssist Toggle" to toggle it on and off. TreeAssist doesn't work with the woodcutter job.) 
+ All players now have access to "/realname (player)" to show the real names of players with /nicks!
+ The Pixelmon server has been updated to Pixelmon 3.0.2!
+ New PvP arenas in /minigames!
+ Added help chat! Type "/ch h" to join the help channel! (NOTE: Please ONLY use this channel for help!)
- Removed the old map.
- Removed Herobrine

Ideas: (Not necessarily planned)
- Fix Dynmap.
- Fix Voting.
- Fix Gummie's Brain?

[Donor] giovino I'm pretty sure they tried fixing Gummie's Brain in an earlier patch. It's still bugging out for some reason :S
[Donor] onespect "Removed Herobrine" ~Every minecraft update log known to man. Still could never summon him ):

TS3 - Server now at:
(no password needed)

How To Install:
1) Click HERE to go to the download page, and pick the Client that best suits your computer. (for anyone that doesn't know what 32bit and 64bit is, go here:

2) Check the "I Agree" box and Submit, continue by clicking "No thanks, take me to download page."

 Run the file it send you and complete the installation process.

How To Connect:

1) Once Teamspeak is open and running, click the "connections" tab in the left upper hand corner

2) Put "" in the Server Address field and your Minecraft username in the Nickname field.

3) Hit "Connect" and hold your control button to begin talking. Navigate to the channel that suits you best and your done!

Servers UP!!!

Deep_Thought4291 a posted Jan 29, 14



PIXELMON 3.0.2: 

VOLTZ 2.0.4:


Hey fellow finminers, your (hopefully) favourite server will sadly not be online today...
we are currently moving it to a new host for better performance. As soon as we are done with that i will post the new ip here, wich you will need to use until the dyndns ( is repointed to the new server.

(this counts for Pixelmon server aswell... obviously)
[Donor] GodsGirl757 Ghost told me the /home command reset. Is dis true?
[Donor] ArmyAnt2000 OMG broidX house wite your ON the server let us on too

Pixelmon is BACK!

[Donor] house111 a posted Jan 18, 14
After having a long discussion with myself (not really, I was just bored), I've decided to bring back the Finmine Pixelmon server for all Finmine members! To get onto the server, you will need to download Minecraft Forge, and the Pixelmon Mod. Please follow the video's instructions below if you do not know how! IP: Mc.Finmine.Com:42209
I also recommend the Animated Player Mod for better player models. (Just put in your "mods" folder after downloading Forge):
MrFlufernuter Is there a forum for Pixelmon, and if not, could you make one house?
[Donor] SlayerVegeta Mwh hahahaha! You will all bow down to me...
ccswede99 I cant have pixelmon unless i use technic pack, what pixelmon pack do i need to use?

First of all I wanna thank all for participating and making the Finmine even more awesome place! I have chosen Website Banner Design Competition - November 2013 winners and they are the following:

1. onespect! Amazing banners overall. Great work :thumb:
- Elite donation pack
- Prefix of their own
- /nick command
- /hat command

2. giovino! This man really deserves the second place with his entry. Those banners are just epic :d
- VIP donation pack
- Prefix of their own
- /nick command
- /hat command

3. power69! Last but not least some ponies :p
- Gold donation pack
- Prefix of their own
- /nick command
- /hat command

Plus I also wanna thank house111 for making great looking icon for the coming 1.7.2 server! :)

Congratulation to winners! Also because there wasn't so many banners/participants in this competition I'm going to put all your banners to the showcase for everyone to see :)

- BroidiX

BendexElite go to this link ...
[Donor] onespect Thanks Bender !
BendexElite im just gonnma post some banners i made for FUN!!!!!!
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