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Namechanging breaks certain plugins, it's one of the reason I think they should have never made it a thing.
Yup, that happens. We can;t really do anything about it :I
I'm mad because I am trying to get the most hours this month but it won't count me anymore.
what do I do?
my old user was dudoiP and I just changed it to doiq but it won't count my monthly hours on the webiste.
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[Donor] onespect a posted Jan 1, 17

Happy new year from all of Finmines staff. We hope to continue to see your support for the server in the new year and hope you had a blast last night with your friends and family!!

Peanut_5000 NIEN xD
KeiraWilliams :D Awesome bruh

Hello fellow Finminers! It's officially October now and that means spooky themes,comps,and other goodies to expirence. For now enjoy the new spawn hubs first year in october with its new Halloween theme! :D 

folieadeuxx loving the spoop
ConfettiCake spook
Roakop Awesome!

Roakop Nwing why don't You join finmine? ☺
[Donor] onespect a The feeling you get when you see nwing comment on your post.
nwing a Super awesome! Good to see the best minecraft server alive and well! :)