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One time it said Timed Out
It just says a bunch of random numbers and letters
Does it give you any reason?
The server keeps kicking me off
You do not have access to shout.
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Valentine's... the time where love fills the air and shops sell way more chocolate and flowers than any other time in the year.

Instead of making the event Combat focussed, it should be more of a fun thing. Last year, we held a sort of photo contest. This year, you can trade in red/pink wool items!

So the rules are quite simple and anyone can do it:

Use your own sheep (or ones you find in the wild) and paint them pink and red. Shear/kill them to get their wool and go to /warp valentine.

There is an NPC there (just like Santa on christmas) where you can trade your wool. 50 red and 50 pink wool will get you a diamond, 23 stacks (close to 1500) of both wools will get you a special sword. (increased the wool amounts for increased difficulty)
Because of the trading limitations, you'll have to trade single stacks first to get a sort of voucher. You can then trade an amount of vouchers for the sword. (Villagers, can't trade close to 3000 items at one time).

There will also be Evil Sheep that spawn at night. They won't be much of a challenge, but they will have a chance to drop the Lover's Leggings, which is a special pair of enchanted pants.

There will also be a jobs xp boost of 10%.

The event will start on Wednesday the 14th and will last until Sunday the 18th of February.

In addition, Queen made a fun parkour that you can try out today called the Valentine's Parkour. You can find it in the new Parkour hub at /warp parkour or by going through the portal at /minigames.

Happy hunting!

In the beginning of 2011, nwing and BroidiX decided to start a minecraft server and create a community of players.

No-one could have imagined that Finmine would still be around after 7 YEARS!

We want to thank our players for their loyalty and their efforts in keeping Finmine the great community that it is!

To celebrate, we will give all of you a few gifts:

- Everyone will have access to a few Particle Trail perks for the next week! Use /trails to set them up!

- You will all receive a jobs boost of 20% for money and xp.

- There will be a 20% discount in our donation shop for the next week!

These perks will be active until Sunday, February 4th.

Here's to another year of Finmine and we hope to celebrate the 10th anniversary with you as well!

The Christmas Event will end in a few hours. When it has ended, you can hand over your Christmas Presents to any staffmember and they will keep track of how many you had. If the staffmember was a Grandmaster or up, you should get your money reward right away, otherwise it will be as soon as possible after!

After Saturday January 6th, the top 3 collectors will be able to pick 1 of 3 unique tools, starting with the #1 picking a tool and the 2nd pciking out of the 2 left and so on.

Did you not hand in your presents before that? You will still be able to hand them in to get your money reward, but you won't be counted into the top 3 reward system.

Christmas time is once a year...
At least, that is what most songs tell you. And why would we disagree? I dunno... where were we going with this? Ah yes:

Christmas Event! :D

Starting on Wednesday December 20th, you will see 3 new mobs spawn around the world. And much like we had with the Halloween Event, they will give you special collectibles!

This time around, you will see Elfs and Frosties walking around the world during the day! They will give you and others around you Christmas Cookies when you rightclick them.

But at night, the Grinch will try to steal your presents! Defeat him and his pack of wolves to get Stolen Presents!

What can you do with these items? Besides eating them or placing the presents around your house, you could also trade them with Santa! That's right! Santa has come to town and can be found at /warp santa. You can trade the items for Christmas Presents, which will be the actual collectible.

Just like we did with Halloween, you can hand the Christmas Presents over to staff at the end of the event to get your rewards. You will get $20 for every Christmas Present and the 3 players with the most Christmas Presents will be able to chose between 3 unique items!

The 3 items will be announced shortly and the money reward is subject to change.

The Event will take place between December 20th and January 1st. Enjoy the event and Happy Holidays!

Player of the Month
Player of March 2018 - _Jacob_11_!