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Yo can we do a pixelmon tournament?
;oo it's christmas now?
Have a nice holiday! :d
I just wanted to say that I am going on vacation tomorrow and will be coming back monday but i will try to get on the server but my internet might be really bad
i am really sad that i cant be on the server right now
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Essol This is really nice one!
LollipopBunni 0:58 is the best
[Donor] Sweetie_Roro_Cat Thats the coolest thing EVER

Pixelmon is BACK!

[Donor] onespect a posted Sat at 21:41


Hey everyone - Pixelmon will be coming back! We're getting some plugins back up and working and curremtly finishing the spawn. So for now - hold tight and enjoy this little krabby enjoying the spawn. 

How to install Pixelmon (special thanks to Climates) :

15jmartin the actually worst time to put out the server when pokemon go comes out good on you finmine XD
[Donor] onespect a Sounds good , go right ahead
[Donor] Climates One, I can make one and upload it to the finmine spotlight.

Player Portals

[Donor] onespect a posted Jul 8, 16

Yes ! Player portals are back! Alot of discussion has been going around reguards to player portals and i'm here to put a full end to it! :D

Dont know what player portals are? They are used for you to show off your builds or even a market! This will help your friends and random Finminers to your area even when you're not online

Portals can be buggy some times for examples they may lag you and you may faze in the portal and have trouble getting out of one without tping back to the the survival spawn.  

Player portals are going for 60k , you may only purchase one portal, you may not change the destination of the portal so make sure you like the spot! Your portal is your choice of blocks and colored signs.