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hey, sorry that i can´t be online very much, i don´t have any internet sorry :/
`You can also send us a message on this site or on discord
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Finland celebrates its 100th birthday!

And as we can thank the country for being a huge part of our name, that means it's a small party for us as well.

The owner (Broid) is from Finland, you see. So now you know where our name comes from.

No big events, just a show of recognition.

Fincord Launch

[Donor] ZalomModur a posted Nov 28, 17

"Fincord? Is that some kind of weird combination of Finmine and Discord?"

"No!... Yes..."

So yeah... After Archer suggested some way to see who is on the server in discord we took it way too far. With a new plugin we use, you will be able to talk in a certain discord channel and have your chat appear in-game in the Global channel! But it doesn't end there, cause it also works the other way around.

Oh yeah, and it also includes the suggestion that Archer made. Just type who in the Discord channel and it will display the playerlist for a few seconds.

Please be advised that all the Server Chat rules will also apply to that Discord channel.

To use the #server-global channel, you will need to Link your minefcraft account to your Discord account. You can do that in a few easy steps:

1. Join our minecraft server

2. Use /discord link and remember the code that the chat will give you.

3. Open our Discord channel and find the Fincord bot in the active users on the right.

4. Send a private message to it with the code you got in step 2.

5. Done! You can now type in #server-global.

Sales Season!

[Donor] ZalomModur a posted Nov 22, 17

Yay for another season of family bonding!

While the US celebrates Thanksgiving, a tradition that is becoming globally mainstream are the sales that come after it.

Black Friday is mostly a physical store thing (though that is changing) so we'll make it a Jobs XP/Money boost of 50% for the whole Friday!

Cyber Monday is where webshops come on, so we will be having a whopping 75% discount on all our donation perks! But only for that Monday!

So in short: Spend your Friday earning money on the server and your Monday picking your favourite donation perk for real money :D

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