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eerr nuhr brah! carnt tust ani1 hear! U 'gainst en ummy of conversationalists! Finmyne is a misery wapped in a enema!
And I'd rather you not slander the server :sick:
Trust nobody here. Your all alone. You against the army of conformists
Shall we start a religion of "le twig"? ;O
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New Spawn

[Donor] onespect a
onespect @ Finmine
posted Thu at 17:29

Heyo fellow Finminers! 

          As many of you may know minecraft update 1.9 will be coming out with some cool new features !  <----- For info

      With this upcoming update new generated objects will be implimented meaning survival world will be DESTROYED! 
They have yet to show the release date of the 1.9 update but to make sure were ahead of the game Im currently making simple ideas for the new spawn!

A rough sketch of the server survival spawn has been made and before I fully get this show on the road I'd like your help as the players to comment what you'd like to see in spawn. By that I mean small things for example: Player teleporters, farmable land, or even a magical unicorn. Im trying to make spawn smallish for easy access so try not to go overboard :P 


[Donor] onespect a
onespect @ Finmine
Well porting stuff over probably will not happen. Im actuallty pushing forward for a total restart... Aka no money,block ...
[Donor] x_muffinman_x I say we keep the steak as steak, and not water.
DePariah That would be right. Can we keep granite long enough for me to port some stuff over? That aside DIBS ON BUILDING NEW SPA ...

Helloooo finminers!

From the Words of Reaper and Tugboat:

Hey Guys! Reaper and Tug here! We are very happy to introduce to you that we have created a Finmine Spotlight YouTube channel! This channel will have multiple Finmine Minigames, Survival episodes, Outlaw Raids and much more!

With the addition of this channel you can also get your videos on the channel! All you need to do is Record your personal experience on Finmine with some random video capturing software (I use OBS) and send it via email to 

This channel is basically a way to help promote Finmine! Just if you send us a video we may edit it slightly like adding music, etc. We hope you guys enjoy everything that will become of this channel!

~Reaperwillzz and Injured_Tugboat (Channel Owners and Managers)

You can find the Youtube channel here! Go give our guys a like and subscribe the channel for all news, events and stuff that happens in Finmine near future!

reaperwillzz *Cough* Good idea *Cough*
Falio *Cough* Make them Staff *Cough*
maango Sounds super exciting ^-^

Pixelmon Server Update!

[Donor] onespect a
onespect @ Finmine
posted Mar 4, 15

Finmine Pixelmon is no longer temporary! 

What does that mean, you ask? Well, now you don't have to worry about losing your progress!

We've now added Gym Battles and the Battle Tower to our spawn, so earn your badges, folks, and you shall soon be able to challenge the Elite Four!

Join here at:

15jmartin does this server still work
WickFusionz When is stats gonna be added into pixelmon ...

Temp PixelMon!

[Donor] onespect a
onespect @ Finmine
posted Mar 1, 15

That's right, all you Pokémon lovers! As of today, we are hosting a temporary Pixelmon server for all of you to join. Because everything is still being set up, the map is only be temporary and will be wiped after we get everything sorted. Naturally, Finmine rules still apply, so if you don't know what they are, jump on our regular Finmine survival server at and type /rules. This server is completely vanilla, and while it may be on peaceful, griefing and stealing may occur. Play at your own risk - and when I say that, I mean it. Bans and similar consequences apply for both servers.

Again, I repeat: the server will be wiped once everything is set up.

Have fun, and onespect loves you all <3

Join here at:

15jmartin the newest 3.4 version
SirHenkinson Wich pixelmon version? ...


Hello Finminers!


From this day on you will be able to change your username on That is why I want to inform all and each of you that our stats plugin DOES NOT support username changing. By saying it does not support username changes I mean the stats (/stats) you've worked for do not transfer over to your new username but stay in your old username instead! This is very important when you are about to change your username because we are not responsible of your stats loss in any circumstance and we will not transfer them over to new username so do not ask for it. As of 4/11/2015, you can safely change your name and retain your stats!

You will also lose your current progress of /jobs!

However if you still feel the urge to change your username to something else - while you accept what I just told - just to be sure you don't lose your inventory in the progress make sure you are in /Granite world! tongue-out


Have a nice day!

<3 Finmine Staff


steffanibette I tried to join the server a few minutes ago and it said I was not whitelisted. I changed my username recently- does th ...
[Donor] BroidiX a And I will change mine to onespectacular
[Donor] onespect a
onespect @ Finmine
Changing my username to BroidiXX