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Seeya! And take care! :d
Hey guys, Ill probably be more active next month again! Im finally getting my back brace off and then it all depends on where i am in physical therapy! Cya soon!
I'm currently testing some custom mobs for Halloween.
Grimble just make sure you come back with a bang, make an entrance!
awww, hope you'll be ok!
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Halloween 2017

[Donor] ZalomModur a posted Tue at 23:42

Spoopy Scary Skelly time!

It's almost Halloween, which means it's time for another Halloween event!

Starting on Wednesday, october 18th, you will find some new hostile monsters spawning at night and in caves. Some of these will be quite tough, so I recommend working together on these. While most of these will drop special kinds of loot, 2 specific items will be very important.

These 2 items are the "Halloween Trick" and "Halloween Treat". Make sure to collect them instead of eating them, as you can exchange them at the end of the event for special rewards!

While the exact rewards are yet to be determined (expect valuables and/or money), the player(s) with the most of these collectibles will receive an enchanted Diamond Hoe named "Halloween Scythe". It will have some lore to make it completely unique, so you can forever show off that you won the event!

The event will end on november 5th, so get busy killing monsters!

As the title says: Blockhunt is back!

Although we use a different plugin for it, it works almost the same way.

Come have a look at /blockhunt or by going to /minigames and then through the Blockhunt portal!

Staff applications, ban appeals and player reports have never really been private. This might have prevented some of you from submitting these.

From now on, you'll have to submit forms that only staff and the one that submitted it can see and comment on.

These forms can be found in the top navigation menu. The one with Home, Forum, Staff and such on it. Staff applications can be found under the Staff button and the others can be found under Support.

There might be some bugs with this new system and it might take a while for staff to get used to it, so please let us know if anything seems wrong!

Pokemon_ag I too like to read them
[Donor] PantherCBJ But ban appeals are so fun to read :(
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