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thanks i also found it you can do /lwc flag on
/chopper on
how do i type so stuff can travel thru hoppers into a chest without typing /unlock
Miss this server
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Parrot Update

ZalomModur a posted Wed at 22:30

Hello Finminers!

Thank you all for being very patient with us while we made the new 1.12 world ready for you! /Parrot is a thing now! Woooo!

It has been a near-complete reset, which means that your money is reset to $2,000, your inventory should be clear and the previous map gone. You did keep your Job progress up till a max of lvl 10, though! This to keep some of your hard work, while also leveling the playing field a little bit.

As of the moment you read this, the server is open. BUT we are not completely done with the updating process. The new survival spawn is still being worked on and some plugins don't work or don't work yet. One of those is the Auction plugin. We trust that it will be updated soon, but for now we have to wait.

So please be patient while we work on finishing everything up and report any bug you find to a staffmember!

Now happy mining/building!

Updates Galore!

ZalomModur a posted May 11, 17

Hello Fellow Finminers! Some features have been added to make your experience on the server more fun!

First of all, 3 new ranks were added in between existing ranks, to make your wait between promotions shorter! We have also heard your request for multiple /homes and decided to combine that with the new ranks. The new ranks and their perks are:

Citizen at 12 hours. This is meant to be a rank for new players that don't see our rank system in action before they lose interest. Now they should get their first promotion sooner and be happy to stay! Citizens get a one time use for /kit citizen, which gives them 8 steaks, 8 bread, 8 cookies and 1 cake. See it as a welcome gift.

Artisan at 15 days. This should make the wait between Hero and Mythic more bareable and also gives you your first additional /sethome! Just use /sethome [whatever name you want] and then use /home [whatever name you want] to make use of it! Combine it with /home bed and you will have 3 homes! (Don't use the [ and ] when typing the commands)

Ancient at 40 days. Meant to bridge the long gap between Legend and Lord, Ancient will give you another /home for a total of 4 if you count /home bed.

Older players that donated for ranks with additional homes and that have reached one of the new ranks, please contact an Immortal+ to add the new homes to your existing maximum.

Second: We have added chat auctions! You can now use /auction to see the commands to use. Hold the item you want to auction in your hand before using the commands to start an auction. Other players can then use /bid or /bid [amount] to... bid. The money and items will be exchanged by the plugins, so there isn't even any need to be near eachother! If you don't wish to see the auction messages in your chat, you can simply use /auction off and /auction on when you want them again.

Roakop Wow it has happend much when i have been gone, sorry that i don´t play much anymore, i have so much in school but ...
doubleawesome o The Multiple beds update I was really looking forward to :d


[Donor] onespect a posted Jan 1, 17

Happy new year from all of Finmines staff. We hope to continue to see your support for the server in the new year and hope you had a blast last night with your friends and family!!

NKCreeper SOS! WE NEED HELP! My friend and I are stuck in a player trap and we can't get out! WHAT DO WE DO??
Peanut_5000 NIEN xD