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I love fire.
I think fire is pretty hot personally
Isn't fire great?
why isnt the server working? atm
Authentication servers on Mojang's end seem to be down atm D;
You do not have access to shout

Minigames world as many of us know it is a mess and could use a face lift. Im starting a new design for it but this may also mean a full clean up. I have made a forum post about this and would like to hear what you think should be done because alot of changes are soon to come/already in the making! 

Sub post =

Extra: Quick look of new minigames hub

Hub released! Still stuff to be added but a good chunck is now operational and ready for you to use! Enjoy :D 

[Donor] ELIZA_54 It looks impressive onespect
LollipopBunni keep the dragon :(
maango It's looking fabulouuuuuus

Finmine & Discord!

[Donor] BroidiX a posted Apr 16, 16

(click the image to join)

Join the fun on Finmine Discord today! All-in-one voice and text chat for gamers that’s free, secure, and works on both your desktop and phone.

Meet and talk to new people on the server.

Group up with your friends for a voice chat to ensure the best gaming experience in Finmine.

Tune into Club Finstep and chill while listening to awesome music played by BroidiX. (optional lol)

Aela a It's a lot like teamspeak in that you can talk to people! However, what makes Discord so amazing is that it's ...
LollipopBunni Is it like TS and I have to download something? Or is it just simple and I don't have to sign up?
GreatGirl13 I have a discord! I cant wait to be on this new server!

New Voting Rewards!

Aela a posted Apr 7, 16

Making a post to let you all know that more voting rewards have been implemented, and that we've upped the amounts of items you can win! If you're very lucky, you can get end stone, chorus fruit, a nether star - or even an elytra.

Try your luck and vote today! When you're in survival, type /vote and may the best Minecrafter get the best reward <3