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guys i really need someones help
guys i need help
oh sorry :/ should have known
hi! if i entered the code given to me at login, should i be able to play?
Can we make "No Spoilers" a rule ;-;
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Modded Finmine

Deep_Thought4291 a posted Dec 14, 15

Hey everyone!

We recently asked if people would like to play on a modded server. As it turns out they do!

So now we are building a modded server for finmine you can make suggestions, talk about it in the new sub forum.

So just head over there to get info about how far we are, when it will be launched and to get involved in building it.

Alot of questions have been asked about the new spawn and im not trying to give away everything but I will give you one thing! 

Here infront of you is a picture of the new spawn. Although you can't see everything that it will have to offer but we hope you stare at this for several hours. Upon release of spawn we will be asking for feed back on what you'd like out and in spawn. Have a good one fellow finminers :D 

Roakop Looks really good One plz can we have that spawn ? ik i am late but i can still give you feedback
SweetieRoro It looks AWESOME im so exited!!!
diisenchanted This is gorgeous

Finmine wants to wish you a happy Halloween !

But first things first  Finmine is under attack by the Pumpkin King!

Will be needing all your help to reach and attack the Pumpkin King from the inside! You may try to defeat him by going into minigames and going to the parkour section! Have fun everyone :D 

[Donor] Ghostly_Assassin anyone actually do this parkour?
[Donor] ChannxTiger Can u keep this until next halloween?!
diisenchanted I was the first one to try it and I still haven't made it halfway up xD

New Spawn

[Donor] onespect a posted Jul 2, 15

Heyo fellow Finminers! 

          As many of you may know minecraft update 1.9 will be coming out with some cool new features !  <----- For info

      With this upcoming update new generated objects will be implimented meaning survival world will be DESTROYED! 
They have yet to show the release date of the 1.9 update but to make sure were ahead of the game Im currently making simple ideas for the new spawn!

A rough sketch of the server survival spawn has been made and before I fully get this show on the road I'd like your help as the players to comment what you'd like to see in spawn. By that I mean small things for example: Player teleporters, farmable land, or even a magical unicorn. Im trying to make spawn smallish for easy access so try not to go overboard :P 


Peanut_5000 Wait.... UNICORNS?! make dat NARWHALS!!
Aleypal9 Can we try something we have done before? like maybe the tree spawn or one of the underground spawns? Those were really ...
Rex_Bluebird I want to share something or have idea for what we could add on finmine. I think that we could add like a camping world ...

Finmine Pixelmon is no longer temporary! 

What does that mean, you ask? Well, now you don't have to worry about losing your progress!

We've now added Gym Battles and the Battle Tower to our spawn, so earn your badges, folks, and you shall soon be able to challenge the Elite Four!

Join here at:

15jmartin does this server still work
WickFusionz When is stats gonna be added into pixelmon