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I have a double chest full of lapis :sick:
ugh, then we will need lapis. but up the price of lapis!
Don't forget 'bout le bunnies!
Me too! Those underwater temples are pretty sweet I found one on another server they're hard to go through though lol
Sounds cool ^-^! I hope you have fun and maybe even find the underwater temple :sick:!
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Long time no update!

BroidiX a
BroidiX @ Finmine
posted Nov 5, 14

UPDATE 11/9/2014! Apparently things are going to our favor and both server platforms Bukkit AND Spigot are on their way going through serious 1.8 tests to get updates out!

Hello dear Finminers! There has not been any posts whatsoever on what's going on with 1.8 MC update and all for a while so here you go!

Long story short. Some might have already heard us saying that 1.8 is delayed due to 'drama' that happened inside the Bukkit (server) team which lead into freezing of Bukkit, completely. That means Bukkit server will no longer update.

Fear no more! There is a completely new server platform on the way as we speak but it will take some time to get here... Rumors say we might get 1.8 live and running somewhere next month (December) but that is not certain. Crosses fingers!

While you wait we have updated our voting plugin to even more cooler one! Now you get special rewards when you vote like foodstuff, materials and even more. Fun! There's also a special reward for whoever gets the Very Rare Nether Star reward first also gets second reward of 50,000 money in game!!! All you need to do is take a screenshot when you get Nether Star as proof and show it to any staff member in game!

So what are you still waiting for? You can find voting panel at right side of the page right below Top Players!

<3 Finmine Staff

gama147k3 Awesome! Once you guys update to 1.8 I plan on livestreaming at so feel free to tune in, follow ...
BroidiX a
BroidiX @ Finmine
No page found :S
hunttyecooper Incorrect: Dinnerbone and Grumm are now heading the Bukkit team and it will continue to update. (Soucre: https://storify ...

Finmine Group Photo

BroidiX a
BroidiX @ Finmine
posted Jul 13, 14

New WorldHub just got released. It is more awesome than ever before! Also a group of finminers enjoying the new hub!

Finmine <3

TheMrHenkinsonG Lol Ben's feeling pretty partyish
[Donor] onespect a Dat Mankini tho
Slender_Moose First :3

Fan Art By Slender_Moose!

BroidiX a
BroidiX @ Finmine
posted Jun 23, 14

Here's some very neat fan art by Slender_Moose! 

Do you have any Finmine fan art of your own? Post them in comments!


xXClassGeekXx Next thing you know is that you're doing everyone
Slender_Moose Might make another including everyone in staff.
nicogala93 I love how it captures their creepy sides :3. Accurate representation! 12\10!

Made By: Onespect(acular)
banana_0101 Wow actually pretty good ...
[Donor] onespect a Im down ...
DePariah Now I gotta get you to make a video of my arena one! :3
~~~ Finmine ChangeLog ~~~

~~ March, 2014 ~~
+ Upgraded the Server! Finmine is now running better than ever, with little to no lag!
+ A password is no longer required to join the TeamSpeak. Join with Ts.Finmine.Com!
+ Expanded the AdminShop.
+ Added the Quake Minigame.
+ Expanded the main spawn and added a new portal room!
+ Added BloodMoon. Mobs are harder and drop more xp and items on a BloodMoon night!
+ Added the TreeAssist plugin. (Use "/TreeAssist Toggle" to toggle it on and off. TreeAssist doesn't work with the woodcutter job.) 
+ All players now have access to "/realname (player)" to show the real names of players with /nicks!
+ The Pixelmon server has been updated to Pixelmon 3.0.2!
+ New PvP arenas in /minigames!
+ Added help chat! Type "/ch h" to join the help channel! (NOTE: Please ONLY use this channel for help!)
- Removed the old map.
- Removed Herobrine

Ideas: (Not necessarily planned)
- Fix Dynmap.
- Fix Voting.
- Fix Gummie's Brain?

giovino I'm pretty sure they tried fixing Gummie's Brain in an earlier patch. It's still bugging out for some reason :S
[Donor] onespect a "Removed Herobrine" ~Every minecraft update log known to man. Still could never summon him ):