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Zal put a little bit of an explanation to why the server has been so wacky in the Disocord if you want to check that out. :o
Any updates on the server??
We do not have a specific time set for the server to be back up. We will have it up as soon as we can :) oh and don’t worry the server is fine :)
im really scared is everything alright
Server going up by tomorrow?
You do not have access to shout.
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Weeklong Sale

By [Donor] Zalom a - Posted Nov 26, 18

We planned to do this during the Black Friday events, but seeing as our server had a... hickup. We postponed it. Now that most of the more important issues have been solved we want to apologize with a deep sale on our donation perks and a jobs boost for the rest of the working week!

So up till Saturday morning, enjoy a jobs xp boost of 50% and a 75% discount in our donation store!

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