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Zal put a little bit of an explanation to why the server has been so wacky in the Disocord if you want to check that out. :o
Any updates on the server??
We do not have a specific time set for the server to be back up. We will have it up as soon as we can :) oh and don’t worry the server is fine :)
im really scared is everything alright
Server going up by tomorrow?
You do not have access to shout.
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Easter Hunt Winners

By [Donor] Zalom a - Posted Apr 17, 18

It took a while, but we counted and checked the books that were submitted!

And the winners are:

1. Aceroluz with 76 confirmed eggs

2. FarmerJoe with 59 confirmed Eggs

3. Steampunk_Foxy with 58 confirmed Eggs.

Shoutout to __Em, who got 72 Eggs, but can't compete because of her staff position :(

Aceroluz will get $10,000 ingame and a bunny spawn egg. The other 2 will get $5k and an egg.
I seem to have forgot to edit the original Event post, but we also decided to give everyone $10 for every Egg they found. We'll roll out the rewards to everyone within a day of this post going up and send you and ingame mail to let you know what rewards you got!

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