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Strip mining is allowed
I checked the rules and it said nothing about it but I would like to verify
is strip mining allowed? dont wanna get banned again
please make a ban appeal and we will make sure to review the situation :)
we did not know strip mining was not allowed please forgive us
You do not have access to shout.
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Valentine's Event 2018!

By [Donor] Zalom a - Posted Feb 12, 18

Valentine's... the time where love fills the air and shops sell way more chocolate and flowers than any other time in the year.

Instead of making the event Combat focussed, it should be more of a fun thing. Last year, we held a sort of photo contest. This year, you can trade in red/pink wool items!

So the rules are quite simple and anyone can do it:

Use your own sheep (or ones you find in the wild) and paint them pink and red. Shear/kill them to get their wool and go to /warp valentine.

There is an NPC there (just like Santa on christmas) where you can trade your wool. 50 red and 50 pink wool will get you a diamond, 23 stacks (close to 1500) of both wools will get you a special sword. (increased the wool amounts for increased difficulty)
Because of the trading limitations, you'll have to trade single stacks first to get a sort of voucher. You can then trade an amount of vouchers for the sword. (Villagers, can't trade close to 3000 items at one time).

There will also be Evil Sheep that spawn at night. They won't be much of a challenge, but they will have a chance to drop the Lover's Leggings, which is a special pair of enchanted pants.

There will also be a jobs xp boost of 10%.

The event will start on Wednesday the 14th and will last until Sunday the 18th of February.

In addition, Queen made a fun parkour that you can try out today called the Valentine's Parkour. You can find it in the new Parkour hub at /warp parkour or by going through the portal at /minigames.

Happy hunting!

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