/help - Access all the help commands.


/ranks  - Lists the server’s ranks.

/sites  - Lists server/donation sites.

/vote  - Lists the voting links.

/ticket  - Leave a help/suggestion message for staff at the specified location.

/sethome  - Sets a homepoint.

/home  - Teleports to your homepoint.

/msg <person> <message> - Sends a message to the person specified, if they are online.

/back  - Returns you to where you last teleported from.

/tpaccept - Allows you to accept a teleport request.

/tpdeny - Allows you to deny a teleport request.  

Creative-World Help

/creative - Teleport to creative world.

/creative 2 - Teleport to Knight+ Creative.

/plotme - Lists Plotme commands.

/plotme auto - Automatically be assigned to a plot in creative

/plotme clear - Clear your creative plot.

/plotme add - Add a player to your creative plot.

/plotme remove - Remove a player from your plot.

/tpahere - Request a player to teleport to you.

Minigames-World Help 

/minigames - Teleport to minigames world.

/pvp - List and teleport to pvp arenas.

Economy Help

/money - List your balance.

/pay - Send another player money.

/jobs - Lists job commands.

/pay <playername> <amount> - Sends another player money.

/lottery - Lists information about the lottery.

/lottery buy <amount of tickets> - Buy a lottery ticket. Each ticket is $100.