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we will reset when we know it's 100% safe. it does suck it's taking this long but rather be safe than sorry :/
It's too risky
(but I'll stop bugging now, just didn't expect it to be this long, hype's already kinda dead)
But I can't say I know how that works.
I don't know if it's possible with finmine's setup, but I've been on servers that host several different worlds at once, each in a different version. So like.. say could host a 1.12.2 world, and a 1.13 world at the same time, etc.
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Eyo Finmine community,

With how long this 1.13 stuff is taking, you are probably wondering why we haven't updated yet. At least, if you've missed the shoutbox messages, the discord announcements or the explainations of our staff. I'll try to explain what is happening on this page as well.

Finmine, as many other servers, use plugins. Plugins are basically Mods that can be used on multiplayer servers to enable special features, such as:
Chestshops, warping, jobs, anti-cheats, multiple worlds, inventories and much, much more.
To enable most of these plugins, the server needs a software package that can understand what to do with them, as regular Minecraft doesn't know that. The one we use is called Spigot (some might remember CraftBukkit or just Bukkit).

Without Spigot, we can't use any plugins and we can't add it in later after the server has reset. It has to be enabled from the start. Think of it as the foundation of a house. Everytime Minecraft updates, Spigot breaks and they have to update it with the new features of the game. This is because Spigot is not created by the Minecraft Developers, but by a large group of volunteers from the community. These people are very talented, but they don't get paid for this and work on everything in their spare time.

Spigot currently has a Development Build (Dev Build) of Version 1.13.1. "Great! So why not update Finmine already!"

Dev Builds are not meant to let your server run on it, but are meant for plugin developers to get used to the changes so they can update their own plugins. While we could start updating Finmine with the Dev Builds, they are usually unstable. Spigot also warns for this.
Re-using the 'foundation analogy': Think of the foundation of your house having been only partly built. Sure you could use it and it might work, but there is also a change that your house will collapse when only the slighest thing happens, such as rain... In this recent case, the Spigot team doesn't recommend using old maps for the new versions yet. While we will create a new map for 1.13, we will still keep a number of old ones for the Minigames, Creative worlds and Worldhub. So this means we'll have to wait.

The more updates Minecraft releases, the more complex it becomes and the more work the Spigot team has to do to enable plugins, while also making sure the base Minecraft game works. The fact that 1.13 is a pretty big update as opposed to 1.10, 1.11 and 1.12 doesn't help either.

Hopefully this clears up what is happening and I won't have to answer the same question in multiple places every time it is being asked.
If you have a friend that has had this question as well, please refer them to this page, the discord announcements or our wonderful staff!

[Donor] 15jmartin lol this announcement has been long over due lol would of saved time to do it awhile ago but thank you for clearing up a...

It took a while, but we counted and checked the books that were submitted!

And the winners are:

1. Aceroluz with 76 confirmed eggs

2. FarmerJoe with 59 confirmed Eggs

3. Steampunk_Foxy with 58 confirmed Eggs.

Shoutout to __Em, who got 72 Eggs, but can't compete because of her staff position :(

Aceroluz will get $10,000 ingame and a bunny spawn egg. The other 2 will get $5k and an egg.
I seem to have forgot to edit the original Event post, but we also decided to give everyone $10 for every Egg they found. We'll roll out the rewards to everyone within a day of this post going up and send you and ingame mail to let you know what rewards you got!

[Donor] Stxry Anyone want to sell me their bunny spawn egg :)?

It's Easter time again, so that means it's time for another egg hunt!

Grimble has spent hours to hide 100 golden eggs around the /parrot islands for you to find!
When you use /parrot, you should see a sign that sells you a cheap book. When you find a golden egg, write down the coordinates of that egg in the book and once the time is up or you found all the eggs, you can give that book to a staffmember or by throwing it in a hopper at /parrot. Make sure to sign it with your name so we can easily tell your book appart from others!

There should be an eggs-ample (sorry for the pun) behind you at the parrot warp. This example counts as one of the 100! Eggs will look like a golden playerhead:

You can find your coordinates by hitting the F3 key on your keyboard, or Fn+F3 if you are using an Apple device.

Then use the "looking at" coordinates while looking at the egg.

All eggs are placed on the Parrot lands within this map:

All eggs can be found without flymode and none are under the ocean water.

The player that finds the most eggs by the end of the event will get $10,000 ingame money and 1 bunny spawn egg. The 2 runner ups will get $5,000 and 1 bunny spawn egg.
If you manage to find all 100 eggs, you will receive a special Elytra that you can receive again in the next map!

The Eggs can be found from now, April 1st till Friday April 6th. Make sure to hand in your books before Sunday, as that is when we will start looking for the winners!

Now, happy hunting!

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